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The Ultimate Guide to Apply for Financial Aid at NUS Medicine

S$175,500. That’s the yearly tuition fee for NUS Medicine students without the MOE Tuition Grant, for Academic Year 24/25, this encapsulates both the 1st and 2nd semesters of the academic year – that's a lot!

This financial investment could be stressful. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve put together a wide range of scholarships to help you with your School Fees, Living Expenses, and On-Campus Accommodation Expenses. These include: 

“I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the very generous donors who are supporting my medical education. With their help, I am able to focus on my studies and also participate in many extra-curricular activities without having to worry about the financial burden. I will certainly do my best in this medical journey, and I hope to set a good example in the process to other aspiring students from needy families.” Corrine Lee Singh (Class of 2026), Recipient of the Alice & Peter Tan Bursary and Balaji Sadasivan Fund Bursary for AY2021/22 

For Academic Year 2024/2025:
Tuition Fees and Living Expenses for Academic Year 2024/2025

**Source: Office of Financial Aid. Applicable to all NUS undergraduate students. For more information, please visit:

Financial Aid in a Snapshot

Financial Aid Snapshot

Note: Current students are encouraged to apply by 31 March each year for an early consideration of NUS-donated bursaries.

7 steps to apply for financial aid 

Click the numbers for more information

For more information about Financial Aid please visit here or email



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